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The history of the Medical College began with the first enrollment of students on the specialties “Nursing” and “Orthopedic Dentistry” in 1997. These were the specialties at the medical and dental faculties. The Medical College as a structural subdivision of IFNMU was established according to the order of the Rector No. 415-d of 20/12/2004.

PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE teaches in the following areas:

Education level: Professional pre-higher education

  1. Nurses

           180 ECTS credits.

           Academic year: September 1-June 30

           Period of training: 3/4 years (after Basic Secondary School).

  1. Pharmacists

           120 ECTS credits.

           Academic year: September 1-June 30

           Period of training: 2/3 years (after Basic Secondary School).

  1. Medical Assistant

           180 ECTS credits.

           Academic year: September 1-June 30

           Period of training: 3/4 years (after Basic Secondary School).

  1. Dental Technicians

           120 ECTS credits.

           Academic year: September 1-June 30

           Period of training: 2/3 years (after Basic Secondary School) 

The peculiarity of the functioning of the Medical College of IFNMU is that it is a structural unit of IFNMU and has the opportunity to use the full potential of the University. In total, the teaching staff of the College consists of 199 teachers. The educational process is provided by the teachers of 35 departments of the University, among which there are 57 Candidates of Science. Teaching major disciplines is performed by the highly qualified specialists of the University whose professional level is well-known within the medical community of Ukraine and abroad. Teaching major disciplines is carried out with the involvement of the modern equipment and leading innovative technologies, which are implemented in the educational and medical process of the University.

College students are fully equipped with textbooks, successfully use the electronic capabilities of the University website, are members of the University student parliament. In a short time, the Medical College of IFNMU has become one of the best professional educational institutions in the region. The main purpose of training college students is to form a new type of a professional whose activity aims at being creative, disciplined and understanding the trends of constant development of the innovative technologies in the medical industry.

It allows teachers of the Medical College to implement an integrated approach to teaching the dental disciplines, which is the key to providing qualified medical care to the population of Ukraine according to the national and international standards.


Oleksandr Bulbuk

Director of the College

PhD, Assoc. Prof.

Where curiosity, innovation and collaboration converge to build healthier communities.

Curiosity is a fundamental human trait. But it’s what we do with it that differentiates us. At the Professional Medical College of IFNMU, we nurture curiosity and embrace the quest for knowledge above all else. Our innovative approach of academic medicine will take you on a journey where you’ll learn the skills to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of medical discovery and patient care.

Professional Medical College of IFNMU faculty members are practicing professionals and researchers who share their knowledge with the next generation. It’s how we approach health sciences education, and it’s how we remain a leader in advancing the health of society.