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On September 21, upon the initiative of the Student Trade Union Committee, students and teachers of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University donated blood for injured soldiers. This event was organized in collaboration with the Prykarpattia Regional Blood Center. A mobile blood collection team set up a blood donation point in the IFNMU central building.

 Over 70 students and teachers from the Professional Medical College and the university had pre-registered for blood donation. Some donors had registered prior to the blood donation process.

According to the Student Trade Union Committee, a total of 54 activists participated in the campaign. Additionally, 1,650 hryvnias were collected for charitable donations on that day.

Today, medical institutions and hospitals require blood to save soldiers' lives and provide urgent medical assistance to anyone in need.

As emphasized by the staff of the Prykarpattia Regional Blood Center, every adult citizen of Ukraine without medical contraindications can participate in blood donation.