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On September 21, a meeting of the Student Council of the Professional Medical College was held. During the meeting, a new chairperson of the Student Council was elected. Victoria Plavianyk, a second-year student from the Pharmaceutical Department, was chosen for this role.

 The Student Council of the Professional Medical College actively participates in the institution's activities, organizes the functioning of student self-governance and creates conditions for students' growth and development. Last year, at the initiative of the Student Council chairperson and with the support of the college's administration, students organized a series of events, including charitable ones.

"Student self-governance is the right and opportunity for students to address matters related to their education and daily life," says the college's director, Oleksandr Bulbuk. "We decided to unite all those studying at our college and establish the Student Council of the college."

Victoria Plavyanik was elected as the chairperson of the council. We congratulate her and wish her fruitful work and success!