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Internship in USA

 American Medical Academy (AMA) offers 2-week and 4-week programs for 2 to final year medical students. These study tour program will add great value to the participant’s academic and future medical profession.

Some of the major benefits of attending AMA medical study tour program in the USA:

  1. The study tour will allow the candidates to gain the experience and knowledge about the US healthcare system and medical treatment methods and patient evaluation, etc. 
  2. Opportunity to live, study, and acquire medical training in the USA.
  3. Interactions with US clinicians and US medical faculty experts.
  4. Direct exposure to US patients and treatment approaches.
  5. Opportunity to interact with the US medical students and thus learn & understand US study methods and patient care approaches; also have the opportunity to develop a professional network with the USA medical students & medical faculties.
  6. Candidates can get multiple entry US visas and thus candidates have the opportunity to visit the US in the future for further advanced medical training and for taking the USMLE exams.
  7. Candidates can get university credit through concerned faculty member’s approval, upon successfully completing the study tour program in the USA.
  8. Open many new professional opportunities in candidate’s home country and internationally due to the US medical training and clinical observation exposures.
  9. Candidates have the opportunity to do well with the rest of medical education due to the US experience of the study tour medical training program.
  10. While doing the study tour in the USA, even the world will be her/his classroom because these study tour programs are designed to have such a profound experience for the participant’s rest of the life.
  11. Study tour programs help participants in developing valuable job skills in medicine and others includes, English language proficiency, cultural understanding, and tolerance for ambiguity, and self-confidence.
  12. Candidates develop highly sought-after professional/medical skills and others like adaptability, communication, self-awareness, and confidence. These skills make the candidate more hirable internationally.
  13. For the participants, this medical study tour training in the US becomes a life-altering positive experience and a reference point for the rest of their lives.
  14. As a participant, your first-hand experience and observance of the US medical education system’s knowledge becomes part of you for the rest of your life. Further this study tour will help you to have a new more global mindset, which allows you to interact more effectively in your future personal and professional life.

List of some of the facilities candidates can visit during the study tour program in the USA:

  • Morehouse College of Medicine
  • Georgia State University
  • Emory University School of Medicine
  • Atlanta Clark University
  • Atlanta Medical Center (Well star group)
  • Grady Hospital
  • Veterans Hospital
  • Southern Regional Hospital
  • DeKalb Medical Center
  • Well star Atlanta Hospital (Graduate Medical Education Program)
  • CDC (US Government’s Center for Diseases Control), Atlanta

AMA study tour program in the USA schedules for the 2021-2022 Period:

1st program        :               October 10 to November 9, 2021.

2nd program       :               November 11 to December 11, 2021

3rd program        :               January 3 to February 1, 2022

4th program        :               February 12 to March 13, 2022

5th Program        :               March 20 to April 20, 2022

6th Program        :               April 23 to May 24, 2022

7th program        :               May 28 to June 27, 2022

8th Program        :               July 1 to July 31, 2022

9th Program        :               August 1 to August 30, 2022

10th program     :               September 2 to September 30, 2022

11th program     :               October 2 to October 30, 2022

12th program     :               November 5 to December 4, 2022

Note: Although these schedules are set for four weeks program, the two weeks study tour program will be scheduled & administered during the same timeline as per the participating faculty member/s and attending student’s convenience.

Required Documents for participating the study tour program in the USA:

  1. Completed AMA application form (please see the attached application form).
  2. Passport copy of the candidate (first two pages with relevant information is only required).
  3. Copy of the IFNMU student ID or proof of that candidate currently studying at the medical faculty.
  4. Proof of funds (appropriate bank statement) to attend the study tour program in the USA when candidates apply for the USA visa at the US Embassy/consulate(this is applicable only for these students who need a US visiting visa for attending the study tour program).
Internship in Spain

University of Valladolid informs that the 2nd Call for Applications for the academic year 2021-2022 within the framework of the International Credit Mobility project with the University of Valladolid (Erasmus+ KA107) has been issued. Mobility exchanges will take place from February 2022 till July 2022. 

Deadline for applications is September 20th, 2021 (11:00 AM Spanish Time).

The project is not based on nominations, so the students MUST apply for the scholarship through the website:

All the information to apply for the opportunities is here.

The main interests of the project are:

  • To receive as many PhD applications as possible as our Doctoral offer has more than 50 different research topics and our academic departments are very interested in working on that level.
  • To receive as many UG applications as possible for the academic programmes fully taught in English.

ECTS requirements: all selected applicants MUST carry out at the University of Valladolid among 20 and 30 ECTS. Students with less academic credits to transfer at home won't be selected. (1 ECTS = 25 academic hours)

COVID-19 information: the University of Valladolid has been working face-to-face during the whole academic year 2020-2021 (September 2020 till July 2021) and it will continue for the academic year 2021-2022.

For disseminating purposes the students can check the blog for Erasmus+ KA107 scholarship holders where some experiences are shown: